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Latest: 2 Asylees (1 BNP & 1 Hindu Activist) Receive their Permanent Resident Cards on October 17, 2018         |        17 BNP members, 2 Hindu minorties & 2 LDP members granted Asylum in 8 weeks ending October 12, 2018         |        Christian-Convert from Islam Gets His Asylum Application Granted by Immigration Judge on 12/14/2017.         |        Hindu Human Rights Activist Granted Asylum by Immigration Judge on December 8, 2017.*         |        Asylum Officers Grant Asylum to Bangladeshi Hindu Women on Religious Ground on 11/30 & 12/7/2017         |        Immigration Judge Grants Asylum to LDP Activist on October 16, 2017. *         |        BNP Activist Gets His Asylum Application Granted by Immigration Judge on Oct. 2, 2017*         |        BNP Activist Gets His Asylum Application Granted by Immigration Judge on September 26, 2017. *         |        IJ Grants Asylum to Ganojagoran Manch Activist on August 3, 2017.*         |        Hindu Human Rights Activist Granted Asylum by Asylum Officer on July 5, 2017.*         |        BNP Activist Granted Asylum by Immigration Judge on May 26, 2017.*         |        IJ Grants Asylum to Bangladeshi Worked for US Army in Iraq on July 25, 2017.*         |        NGO Worker Granted Asylum on May 8, 2017 from Asylum Office. *         |        Single Mom Receives Her Green Card After Long 23 Years on April 5, 2017.         |        BNP Activist Granted Asylum on April 10, 2017.         |        Spouse of Permanent Resident Receives Green Card on Oct. 27, 2016.         |        BNP Activist Granted Asylum by Immigration Judge on October 24, 2016.         |        64-Year Old Hindu Woman gets her Asylum application granted in Asylum Office on October 4, 2016!         |        BNP Activist Granted Asylum by Immigration Judge on August 11, 2016*         |        BNP Activist Granted Asylum by Immigration Judge on April 25, 2016*         |        Immigration Judge Grants Asylum for Hindu Human Rights Activist on February 26, 2016.         |        Client received Green Card Entering as a Student.         |        Bangladeshi Journalist granted asylum by Asylum Officer on November 30, 2015.         |        Immigration Judge Rejects DHS claim that BNP is an Undesignated Terrorist Organization.*         |        Immigration Judge approves Domestic Violence victim’s asylum application on March 19, 2015.         |        Athiest gets his asylum application granted by Immigration Judge on March 26, 2015.*         |        BNP activist granted asylum by Immigration Judge in February, 2015.*         |        Asylum Officer grants asylum applications of Hindu minority activists on January 20 & March 3, 2015.         |        Leader of Ganojagoran Manch granted asylum on July 2, 2015.         |        Immigration Judge grants asylum for female Bangladeshi NGO worker on June 26, 2015         |        

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We represent clients before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”), the Administrative Appeals Office (“AAO”), the Admissibility Review Office (“ARO”), Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the Immigration Courts (“EOIR”), the Board of Immigration Appeals (“BIA”), the Department of Labor (“DOL”), the Department of State (“DOS”), U.S. Consulates, and other relevant federal agencies, as well as in Federal Circuit Courts. We represent clients from all over the country.

We can also help you in Consular processing of your immigration cases in Dhaka, Bangladesh through our office The US-Bangladesh Law Center which is conveniently located in Gulshan area in Dhaka.


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